I am a creative from Los Angeles currently working in Portland, OR at Nike. My work blends brand art direction, development, graphic design, and illustration into cohesive brand expressions. I create meaningful and tactile solutions inspired by culture, art and music.

Graduated from Pasadena Art Center College of Design - BFA with honors in Illustration and Design
instagram: demetrius_rfc

Deep Shadows

Deep Shadows is a group of record collectors, spinners, and enthusiasts who focus on Oldies, Sweet Soul, Boogie, and Funk Music. There is a reason the love for vinyl has never faded. The warmth that washes over you the instant the needle hits the groove. The visual system pays homage to that feeling; the identity system draws influence from Oldies and Lowrider Oldies culture. Bright pops of color and contemporary typefaces create a modern tension when woven together with Lowrider aesthetics. The name "Deep Shadows" was lifted from a song with the same name by Little Ann. It's a song about unrequited love, which echoed the devotion of audiophiles everywhere to the commitment of the turntable.

Services: Art Direction, Branding, Brand Development, Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration, Packaging