I’m a Los Angeles native currently working as a Brand Designer at Nike in Portland, OR. I specialize in creative direction, brand development, graphic design, and illustration — drawing inspiration from different cultures, visual arts, and music to craft meaningful, tactile solutions.

Graduated from Pasadena Art Center College of Design - BFA with honors in Illustration and Design
instagram: demetrius_rfc

Jordan Launch, Argentina

The “Made to Fly” campaign represented a unique opportunity to promote the Jordan brand, and basketball at large, in Argentina. A typography system was developed that allowed the campaign name to live on the edges of the composition as a way of framing and elevating the protagonist. The imagery captured players on and off the court, a true representation of the culture of street basketball in Argentina, a place where indoor and club level basketball is more predominant. To juxtapose this the imagery needed to be candid, raw, and real.

Photographer: Sebastian Gil Miranda
Services: Art Direction, Creative Direction, Graphic Design

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles