I’m a Los Angeles native currently working as a Brand Designer at Nike in Portland, OR. I specialize in creative direction, brand development, graphic design, and illustration — drawing inspiration from different cultures, visual arts, and music to craft meaningful, tactile solutions.

Graduated from Pasadena Art Center College of Design - BFA with honors in Illustration and Design
instagram: demetrius_rfc

Mercurial VII

The Mercurial VII is built for speed. The fastest and most lethal players in the world wear this boot. The art direction was centered around showing all day footballers moving at the speed of light. Cutting, juking, sprinting side to side. The bursts of speed and small moments that show the athletic nature of the boot and how it’s worn. Another crucial part of the Mercurial is the attitude. Swagger that carries you on and off the pitch. The graphics and typography were built for speed and a strikers mentality.

Photographers: Misha Taylor, Michael Tessier
Stylist: Victoria Mesenbrink
Services: Art Direction, Creative Direction, Graphic Design

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles